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Marion Ano

Executive Director

Freelance Developer, Author, Teacher
Christina Wierschem

Christina Wierschem-Silva

WFA Board Treasurer

Freelance Photographer,

Aloha! I'm Marion!

I own a freelance design & development company, Wahine Coder. I have over a decade of experience as a mobile and website developer for Hawaiʻi based clients. I love creating work flow systems, project management flows & organizing all things work. I enjoy copywriting and helping businesses with strategic communication and architecting how they represent and communicate information online. I spend a lot of time learning and diving into new technologies and learn how I can integrate them thoughtfully into my freelance workflows. Besides working for my amazing clients, I teach coding, visual design for mobile applications, and web-based UX at the University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu for the Academy of Creative Media. She spends her summers writing children’s books with her son for her company, Kilo Books Hawaiʻi.

As a WFA HQ Co-manager

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