Intro to WordPress Development

In This Class

This is an accelerated course where you’ll be introduced to WordPress fundamentals and learn how to build a professional website using only free themes and plugins. We will also discuss the benefits of paid pro solutions. I’ll share videos from other online resources that succinctly and effectively explain course topics in addition to my personal tutorials. My goal for you all is to learn how avoid headaches and build good habits that help you work smarter, not harder as future WordPress developers. End this course with the confidence needed to continue this journey or enough clarity to make a pivot.

L1 Getting Started

  • What is WordPress? 
  • Setting Up
    • Hosting
    • WordPress
    • SSL Certificates
  • Building great habits
  • WP Dashboard overview
  • Pages vs Posts
  • What is Gutenberg?
  • Explore!

L2 Learn Your Tools

  • Installing Elementor Hello Theme
  • Installing Elementor Pagebuilder
  • Adding additional functionality using Elementor Add-Ons
  • Building out Your site

L3 Optimize Your Site

  • Installing and Setting up Woocommerce store

L4 Test & Launch

Freelance Workshop

  • The importance of networking and mentorships – where to find more web developer friends.
  • How to build a portfolio when you don’t have clients.
  • Effective emailing as a new freelance WordPress developer: Standing out and being humble.
  • Paying your dues without getting discouraged or taken advantage of.
  • Mastering work life balance from the start – sifting through bad clients, organically.

Office Hours
May 18th – 29th | Weekdays 4:00pm – 8:00pm

I encourage you to take advantage of my office hours for guidance mentorship! Office hours are what make this course so helpful!

Schedule Guidance Session

Available during office days/hours. Please schedule a your session(s) at least 2 hours in advance.

We will meet at Gather Town:

Password: manawahine

Your Instructor

Paola Martin

Paola Martin

Paola Martin is a self-taught web designer and developer with over a decade of digital design and WordPress development experience. She works as the lead designer and developer for a wide breadth of clients ranging from local start-ups to nationally recognized franchise brands. Paola is passionate about helping others succeed through mentorship and collaboration.