Lesson 3: Tools & Processes


Web Design Software

Source: UX Design

The three most popular software programs used for website and interface design are Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma. They are all excellent programs, and though each may have pretty similar features, their strengths may differ.

The best way to determine which platform is best for you is simply by experimenting with them over time. You might lean toward one because of your personal working preferences or toward another because you need a great tool for collaboration.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Adobe XD

Uses: Interface design & prototyping
Platform: Desktop and mobile app
Pro: Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, easier to access if you’re already on an Adobe plan


Uses: Interface design & prototyping
Platform: Desktop app, new browser app – MAC ONLY
Pro: Lots of plugins to streamline your workflow


Uses: Interface design & prototyping
Platform: Web-based app, desktop app
Pros: Best for collaboration due to web-based app + free starter version available!

In this course, we’ll use Figma for several reasons:

  1. It’s a popular choice for interface design in the industry, so the chances of you getting asked to create on Figma is highly likely.
  2. Figma is web-based, so you can just work off your internet browser and won’t have to download an app.
  3. There is a starter version that lets you create an unlimited amount of personal files – perfect for beginners to get practice.

Other Useful Design Software

In web design, you’ll often work with images and graphics (like icons and illustrations). I’d recommend adding Adobe software to your skillset throughout your web design journey, starting with the first two listed below. You’re not required to use these programs during this course, but I’m sharing these here for your consideration!

Adobe Photoshop

Use for: editing images (retouching, cropping, color adjusting, etc.)

Adobe Illustrator

Use for: creating or editing vectors like icons and illustrations
Learn about vector files here.

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