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Welina Mai!

Wāhine Freelance Alliance Virtual Headquarters

Connect + Collaborate + Create
A Virtual Headquarters, Business Library & Technical Help Center for Wāhine Freelancers, Founders & Entrepreneurs
A First for Hawaiʻi

A Metaverse for Wāhine Productivity & Innovation

Are you a freelancers, founder, entrepreneur, business owner, designer, artist, or creative?

Freelancing & doing business as a creative is a lonely & difficult journey. We know through our experiences that women thrive in safe and nurturing working environments where we can cheer each other on and positively impact our families and communities. When wāhine are supported, everyone wins!

The WFA Headquarters is a metaverse for wāhine productivity & innovation. We believe that our mission and vision can be fully realized through building a wāhine network & alliance that is multi-generational, multi-disciplinary, that is composed of individuals from diverse work experiences and backgrounds.

Our headquarter benefits & virtual amenities for members include:

Our virtual HQ can help with focus, accountability, and relationship building that will enable wāhine to thrive emotionally & economically.

Professional Development & Workforce Training Opportunities:

A space for wāhine of all ages and stages in their lives sharing wisdom with each other redefining the future of work

In addition to serving our 50 members, our virtual events will be open to non-members and we anticipate that these events could serve an additional 500 to 1,000 wāhine across the Islands on an annual basis.

Additionally, our 1:1 weekly office hours will be open to members & accessible to Wāhine across the pae ʻāina.

Gather.Town: Technology Designed For Connection

Our metaverse for wāhine productivity & innovation will be built in Gather! What is Gather? Imagine blending a real-life co-working hub with Zoom that is nested in a video game? Can’t quite picture it? Take a sneak peek at this video (to right).

Gather's Technical Specs that We Love:

A Day in the Life @ WFA Headquarters

In the Morning

In the Afternoon

Office Hours @ the Tech Help Center

Let’s face it, when it comes to freelancing,running a business, or even getting started the many different technologies that we need to integrate and implement can be a major roadblock! WFA’s HQ aims to provide weekly office hours with our Technical experts in the following areas:

Interested in Partnering with us?

Would you like to colloborate, partner & help support WFA’s Virtual HQ? Please leave us your email and a short message letting us know how you would like to support our vision!

me ke aloha, 

The WFA Team