WFA Headquarters FAQs

The Wahine Freelance Alliance virtual headquarters (WFA HQ), a metaverse for productivity and innovation, will help to eliminate some of the barriers and challenges facing wāhine (women) freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives  such as isolation, lack of support, and economic opportunities. Creating a space for mutual support, building social networks, and providing leadership development in the creative sector will rewrite and redefine the future of work for girls and women. Our headquarters will support wāhine in all stages and phases of their economic aspirations while at the same time grounding them in the collective experience and wisdom of our membership and alliance.

  • May 6: Applications OPEN on our website
  • May 16: Applications Due
  • May 30: Applicants notified via email
  • June 6: Onboarding & Meet Our Community
  • June 10: WFA HQ Grand Opening


“The whole idea of co-working is to bring creative people together and let the ideas collide” 

Who knows what will happen? We envision that WFA HQ will become your community where ideas, knowledge, information is shared freely & friendships are forged!

Yes! Our Application is OPEN! Applications are due on May 16!

Through the existence, support, and services provided by WFA HQ, some of the outputs we hope to see are:

  • Increase in the number of individuals in each member’s professional network
  • Increase in digital freelance knowledge expertise for each member
  • Increase in digital freelance expertise for each member.
  • Increase in the economic growth and well-being for each member
  • Increase in the number self-employment or collaborative opportunities obtained by our members

WFA HQ will have two managers who will be present in the space for 12 hours/week (total) to help answer questions, provide support & encouragement to our members. Managers will lead weekly scrum sessions (Mondays & Fridays), document headquarter activities, curate resources for our libraries, and help to build relationships and connections across the membership! We will be your best cheerleaders!

Since we don’t co-work IRL, we can’t offer hot coffee or keep homemade Kombucha on tap! However, as a WFA HQ member, you will have access to the following virtual amenties:

  1. Membership Network
  2. Weekly Scrum Session
  3. Support from WFA HQ Managers 
  4. 1:1 Weekly Office Hours (30 minutes, reserved sessions)
  5. Monthly professional development workshops & training opportunities
  6. Curated Resources via our Tech & Resource libraries (in Gather

Yes, your participation and engagement in the space will be documented via Gather analytics, scrum sessions, and other data gathered through surveys. 

WFA HQ has been thoughtfully created to help realize WFA’s mission and vision. With that said, we are asking members to commit to at least 2 hours/week working in the WFA HQ. Additionally, we expect members to attend at least 6 workshops and trainings offered by WFA.

WFA HQ will be open for members to use at anytime. With that said, our HQ managers will be available for 12 hours/week to help and support you with your goals and aspirations in Summer 2024. Additionally, each manager will have office hours for one hour/week where you can receive 1:1 assistance in website development & design, copywriting, user experience, and other technical and design support. Please note that 1:1 office is available through a reservation system and HQ members and non-members must sign up ahead of time to reserve office hours.

The WFA HQ is generously funded by the Atherton Foundation and individual donors. This means that the virtual headquarters and the support to manage the space is fully scholarshipped for each member. With that said, WFA is actively engaged in seeking grants to support ongoing activities.

Gather. Town is a web-conferencing software like Zoom, but with the added component of seeing the virtual “room” you and others are occupying, and with the ability to move around and interact with other participants based on your locations in the room, just like real life.

Check out the Gather Academy to learn more about this incredible technology! Here are some other great tutorials:

  1. Tour a Virtual Office
  2. Tips for Adoption
  3. Your Personal Desk
  4. Starting Conversations

Apply for WFA HQ

A Metaverse for Wāhine Productivity & Innovation

A space for wāhine of all ages and stages in their lives sharing wisdom with each other redefining the future of work.

Applications due on May 23