The Academy

The Wāhine WordPress Digital Freelancer Academy

Program Summary

Through the generous support of Women’s Fund of Hawai’i (WFA) and fiscal partnership with Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA). The financial support enabled us to build The Wāhine WordPress Digital Freelancer Academy (WWDA),which is a freelancer focused workforce development training program. Our 10-week virtual academy focused on delivering and teaching content in four core areas including website design, HTML & CSS, WordPress development, and content creation.

What We Learned

As part of this pilot program, we also had the opportunity to learn more and evaluate the workforce desires and needs of our participants. We learned that many of our participants desire and are actively seeking freelancing opportunities in Hawaiʻi.

WWDA 2022 Cohort Snapshot

As part of our selection process, we made sure to maximize cohort diversity through representation across the Islands to create an enriching cohort through shared and diverse professional backgrounds, age ranges, and experiences.
Below you will find two snapshots of our cohort.

WFA Cohort 2022 Ages


“Explanation of the features, benefits, and things to be aware of that you'd get only after years of working with WordPress. That made it much more meaningful and valuable.”
Cohort Participant
WWDA 2022
“The sheer depth and breadth of the content and resources that were shared. Really appreciate that everyone is so supportive. I've been missing that! There's a lot of new things that I've never heard of. The comments from the other participants helped to open up my thinking.”
Cohort Participant
WWDA 2022
“Being exposed to the different terms and components of brand storytelling was great! I also thought the use of different personas was a key element that is often overlooked. Mahalo Vera!”
Cohort Partcipant
WWDA 2022

Academy Teaching Team 2022

Jess Manapul

Course I: Intro to Website Design

Marion Ano Headshot

Marion Ano

Course II: Intro to HTML & CSS

Paola Martin

Paola Martin

Course III: Intro to Website Development

Vera Zambonelli

Vera Zambonelli

Course IV: Intro to HTML & CSS

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