Wāhine Freelance Alliance

Cultivating Wāhine Freelancers to
Transform Work and Self Employment

Launching on June 10 2024

Wāhine Freelance Alliance HQ

A Metaverse for Productivity & Innovation

Applications are due on May 23

Creating a virtual space for mutual support, building social networks, and providing leadership development in the creative sector will rewrite and redefine the future of work for girls and women.

Our Mission

Wāhine Freelance Alliance (WFA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides wāhine freelancers with a broad network of resources, education, workforce training, as well as a creative and safe space for them to thrive. Furthermore, WFA aims to increase economic opportunities and development pathways to succeed as freelancers at all stages in their lives. We commit to cultivating the conditions and support for girls and women to obtain workforce training and leverage networks towards economic stability–thereby uplifting and strengthening the entire community and future generations.

Our Vision

Together we strive to achieve greater diversity and representation of girls and women in all sectors of freelancing opportunities in Hawaiʻi.

Apply for WFA HQ

A Metaverse for Wāhine Productivity & Innovation

A space for wāhine of all ages and stages in their lives sharing wisdom with each other redefining the future of work.

Applications due on May 23